This website is for children and adults to become informed of the wonderful lifestyle awaiting them when they remove violence from their lives.

“We all say we are against against cruelty. We all say we love animals. Yet we pay people to torture, mutilate and kill animals. This is not for any necessity, this is just because we like the way they taste.” James Aspey

If you oppose cruelty to animals, then you already believe in veganism. This website will help children and adults put this belief into practice, and soon become healthy, thriving vegans who are saving the animals and the environment. You will discover that pigs, chickens, cows, fish, ducks, turkeys, and lambs, are no different to a dog or a cat. They are all friends and are not food. They all have families. They all feel pain and suffering.

If we recognise animals’ lives as being morally important to them, then we have a moral obligation to not use them for food or clothing. No animal wants to die. No animal wants to be eaten. Veganism is simply an extension of our love to all living beings.

The animals thank you.

Peace. Justice. Respect. Vegan. ✌🏻️